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JMBHF "Heart Family" Support: Hospital Care Bags

Support Initative

To contribute to research for and spread awareness of cardiomyopathy while providing financial, social, and emotional assistance to families impacted by these cardiac conditions. 
"Care Bags" for Patients and Parents/Guardians on the 8th Floor at Boston Children's Hospital


The Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation provides hospital care bags to not only the patients, but, also, to the parents/guardians who spend periods of time of the 8th floor (cardiac floor) at Boston Children’s Hospital.  These care bags help to bring smiles and comfort to patients and their families during some difficult and challenging days, weeks, months, or, sometimes, even years spent on the cardiac floor.  We have been able to positively impact many amazing parents/guardians and their absolutely beautiful heart warriors!


Many of the items we use for our hospital care bags are collected and donated from various individuals and groups, often youth-based. This means so much to us!  As educators, we understand how important it is to get today’s youth actively involved in service projects, open their hearts to the needs of others, and grow in empathy and compassion. This is at the core of much of our work!  We are grateful to all those who help to make a positive difference in this world!


As always, we want to take this opportunity to thank the many of you who follow and support the efforts of the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation, and have donated to "sponsor" one of these care bags.  Thanks to your love, support, and generosity, Joseph's foundation is able to help and touch the lives of hundreds of heart families. These toiletries, gift cards, candy, books, games, water bottles, and more are not much to many, but they mean the world to these children and families who are spending weeks and months on end in the hospital. Thank you. 

If you are interested in donating items for JMBHF Hospital Care Bags,

please see the lists of suggested items for donation below

To request more information

about this mission or to participate, please contact:


Joseph Middlemiss BIG HEART Foundation, Inc.

​PO BOX 428

Dracut, MA 01826

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