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JMBHF Heart Family Support: Hospital Meals

Support Initiative 

To contribute to research for and spread awareness of cardiomyopathy while providing financial, social, and emotional assistance to families impacted by these cardiac conditions. 
Weekly Breakfasts and Monthly Pizza Parties on
the 8th Floor at Boston Children's Hospital

The Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation sponsors weekly breakfast treats and monthly pizza parties for the patients, families, and staff on the cardiac floor at Boston Children's Hospital. It's our way of bringing people together for some food and fun while enhancing the exceptional care given at Boston Children's Hospital.  Our parties are often accompanied by crafts, music, and other uplifting activities. Our youth ambassadors contribute by selecting monthly themes, purchasing decorations, and designing posters. Patients and family members often join the staff to volunteer in spreading the word around the floor through invitations and by handing out the food. It really is a multifaceted team effort.

We began the weekly breakfast treats and monthly pizza parties as a way to bring patients, families, and staff TOGETHER for some food and fun!  We've been impatient with our boys often over the past twelve years and know what "hospital life" is like. Not only can it be very difficult to leave your child's side to get a meal but time in the hospital can also be extremely isolating.  In many cases, these weekly meals and monthly parties mean so much.  Having a nice meal right there on the floor gives the families a chance to "take a break" for a few minutes and enjoy some pizza and the company of other adults who are not doctors or nurses.  The meals and parties provide opportunities for patients, families, and staff to "take a break" from all the difficulties that come with "hospital life," relax for a bit, have a good meal, and just connect with others. We know how important this is!


In addition, many of the children on the cardiac floor may be inpatient for weeks, months, even years. These inspiring children miss out on so many parties, gatherings, and even general conversations that take place in the outside world.  And, unfortunately, they miss so many birthday parties, classroom celebrations, etc.  Our weekly meals and monthly pizza party gives these kids the opportunity to have a party, to be a kid, and to have a little fun even though they are impatient at the hospital.


We are so thankful for the support our foundation has received from so many. This support has allowed us to spread love and kindness to so many, and to put smiles on so many faces.  We are eternally grateful for all our supporters do to help and allow us to positively impact the lives of others!


You are helping us to support the patients and families who spend a great deal of time on the 8th floor at Boston Children’s Hospital.  You help to put smiles on the face of children fighting huge battles, who just need a chance to be a kid once in a while. And, you are helping their parents/guardians get the energy and encouragement to stay strong for their little warrior, even though they are so tired, scared, frustrated, and worried on the inside. In a nutshell, your support helps our foundation deliver the gift of hope to these patients and their families. And, there may be no greater gift. 


We are so proud of the path this endeavor has taken over the last few years, and look forward to the program’s continued growth!


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